What Clients Are Saying…

“You taught me how to take what interested me about my work and make it into a story that would interest others. I now use what I learned in my writing, as well as public presentations and interviews.”


“My work with Shari was vital to producing a book I’m proud of.”

- Brian Gast, founder, Quadrant International, author of "The Business of Wanting More."

“Working with Shari is like having a conversation with your best self. She listens deeply, understands fast, and captures your brilliance among the eddy of your words.”

- Rebecca Reynolds, president, Rebecca Reynolds Consulting, author of "Non-Profit Know-How"

“Your insight and direction improved my writing and helped me sharpen a proposal to land an agent and ultimately a deal with Wiley.”

- Debra Berndt, National Love & Relationship Expert, author of "Let Love In"

“Shari has a unique mix of writing experience, marketing nous, and capacity to ask challenging questions to help a first-time author get off the ground. She delivers these things in an intelligent and trustworthy way.”

- Greg Jemsek, speaker and author, "Quiet Horizons"

“By asking great questions, Shari is able to tease out the nuggets from my brain so I can get them on paper. She is determined to make a difference for her clients and gets very invested in their projects. You couldn’t ask for anyone better on your team.”

- Tamra Ryan, CEO, Women's Bean Project


Shari Caudron

We'll teach you how to be an author and create a book
that will:

  • Grow your business
  • Build your brand
  • Establish your expertise
  • Influence others
  • Start a conversation

You want to write a book, a goal that's been nagging at you for weeks, months, maybe longer. But where do you start? Do you hire a writing coach? An editor? A ghostwriter? Do you write a book proposal or self-publish?

The Narrative Group, developed by journalist and author Shari Caudron, helps thought-leaders develop their one-of-a-kind book projects. From chapter outline to publication, we assist with all phases of the writing-and-publishing process.

Client Projects

Ghostwriting and Presentation Coaching: We helped author Ed Galisewski write a book and shape presentations designed to start a conversation about the divisive nature of the church.

Book Proposal: We helped Debra Berndt, national love and relationship expert, develop a book proposal that landed her national deal with Wiley Publishing.

Coaching, Editing, Self-publishing We helped CEO Tamra Ryan navigate all stages of her book—from idea to publication.

Coaching, Editing: We helped leadership consultant Brian Gast focus and edit the content of his award-winning book.

Book Proposal: We helped well-known author and cross-cultural consultant Charlene Solomon craft a book proposal that led to a deal with McGraw-Hill.

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